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96                               LETTERS   FROM   THE

March zoth.

Harry has just arrived safe and sound from the
land of tumults and confusion. The wound he
received on the night he was at the play in the
Queen's suite has left a mark on his forehead.
He seems rejoiced to have got away, and by his
account things at Paris are a great deal worse
than we thought. He is grown tall, and promises
to be handsome.

Innumerable emigres are come to England. I
see a great deal of Madame Brulart and her

The Margravine of Anspach is come to Lon-
don ; I saw her at the opera. She dresses in a
particular style, with a flat handkerchief and no
curls. She has fine eyes and good features but
is not pretty, in my opinion.

I went down with Abb£ Campbell to Ports-
mouth and saw Tom, who is discharged into the
Lion, which is fitting out to take Lord Macartney
to China. We visited the docks; there seems
great waste in the building jobs.

Sir George Staunton goes to China and takes
his son. I met him and the two Chinese priests
he has brought from Naples with him. He has